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The First Physiological & Emotional Intelligence Based Schools

“Candidate for Accreditation with NCA CASI, NWAC, and SACS CASI.”

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Miami Campus Now Launched.
My Life My Power Institute Preparatory Academy launched our 1st school based in Miami, Florida in September of 2018. Student grades range from 6-12th grade in order to foster the highest level of education while ensuring that the youth are provided with a desire to thrive!


Preparing the leaders of today by instilling positive leadership traits to maximize their strengths for life.


Courses are led by top-notch individuals who are highly skilled in their fields and can provide invaluable mentoring to youth.


We truly believe that success is what happens to you. Significance is what happens through you.

Making an Impact

In the last 7 years, we have created a systematic approach to helping youth to get from where they are to where they want to be with their career, personal life, and family. We do this through emotional & physiologic intelligence programs and mentorship. Our team members at My Life My Power Institute all live by our context of “Significance Breeds Success” and are all the top trainers and educators.

Accelerating youth

All of our youth will get internships or jobs to help them understand what field of work they want to be in. If your company wants to hire the next generation of rock star team members to make your culture stronger, efficient and purpose driven. We also work with corporations to deliver our training workshops, where we support your team in seeing new possibilities in both their personal lives and within your corporation while increasing moral and ethical behavior, boosting productivity, developing and maintaining pride in the company, increase problem solving skills and increasing mentorship for long term success. 

Let us take your executive staff and employees to the next level!

Game Plan for Success
My Life My Power’s Preparatory Academy has strategically developed a proven game plan to help achieve our desired goals for all students.

College & Career Prep

We believe our students in America get to understand their passions and have a direction to what they love to do in life and how to make it their career.


All of our young adults who graduate will have completed our Emotional Intelligence training program. Most companies today are looking for young adults who have these soft skills.


Each youth will have their own mentor meet with them monthly to set goals, get advice, and build their network who can help them get their job or into the college of their choice.


We believe our students in America get to understand their passions and have a direction to what they love to do in life and how to make it their career.

No State Testing

Not all students learn the same. For that reason, we believe that it is important to test students in other areas than focusing their strengths on the ability to pass a test.


Students will have the opportunity to recover credits or get ahead in any of their missed classes. We work with each student to ensure that they are on course for graduation.
Do you have a child who you feel could greatly benefit from being enrolled in the My Life My Power Preparatory Academy? If so, please fill out the form below so that one of our staff members can be in touch with you to set an appointment to go over the next steps.

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