Private School System

The MLMPI Prep Academy School System overall purpose is to provide schools that have a  high level of academics with carefully structured and supportive atmospheres for our students to foster their passions and achieve success both inside and outside of school.

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Global Corporate Accreditation

We service grades 6-12th grade and the students will accelerate and complete their credit requirements digitally, choose from different weekly schedule options, 1-2 full school days per week with MLMP trained Mentors and have access to the many resources MLMP provides including professional job/interview coaching, health / wellness coaching, after school programs, summer camps, and more. MLMPI Prep Academy School System bases learning strategies on Academic Plans individually developed for each student by our multidisciplinary staff within each school. Compensatory Learning strategies are generated from psycho-educational evaluations, previous school records, diagnostic skills assessments, observations, communication with other professionals involved with the student and our continuing experiences with the student.