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MLMPI Prep Academy is committed to providing academic support and enrichment opportunities to teens and young adults to improve academic performance and empower students to succeed in and out of the classroom. And our coaching program offers academic, personal & career development support through our Grad Coaching program.

Our mission is to empower students to succeed in and out of the classroom by providing them with the necessary tools that will help them unlock and achieve their maximum potential as human beings.

Our dedication to education, mentorship, growth, and empowerment have led us to specialize in helping students become self-motivated, independent, and successful learners.

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Our Coaching Program & Locations

Providing support & guidance to graduates as they navigate their path to continued success.

At MLMPI Prep Academy, our goal is to make academic, personal, and professional success possible and accessible. As a result, we are offering coaching services at local MLMPI Prep Academy campuses to support student transition and growth.

We offer an initial discovery consultation call and conduct a coaching assessment to design a customized coaching program based on your individual student needs.

All of our programs use processes and strategies that allow students to thrive. We seek to enhance the quality of life of our students and maximize their well-being by identifying and building upon their strengths and resources.

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Providing Coaching Solutions

Our Enrichment Programs

Our coaching program is designed to equip young adults with the essential social and emotional skills needed to become healthy adults. Starting with an initial assessment, we provide short and long-term coaching solutions customized to each individual’s needs.

Our Structure

One weekly hour group coaching session with young adult. Four monthly 30-minutes individual virtual or phone coaching sessions with young adults. Unlimited email/portal support.

Our Team

Our coaches are deeply passionate about providing our students with exceptional support and guidance during their academic and post-academic journey. Our goal is to provide our students with an empowering, knowledgeable, and supportive space to help them unlock and fulfil their full potential. Their enthusiasm for coaching paired with their ability to assess each student’s unique learning style, will engage and motivate your child to excel in and out of the classroom.

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