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At MLMPIPA, there are many ways that you can become part of our impact through different investment opportunities that we now have available!

Be a partner

If you are interested in being part of MLMPIPA’s sustainable growth to transform youth, then we have incredible partnership opportunities for you!

Equity partner

By becoming an Equity Partner, you have an opportunity to own part of a school, partner with a local business for a vocational tech school!

Startup Capital

Support and invest with a startup capital for a local school to fund a school launch with a 3-5 year debt payback plus interest!


We Invite you to be part of our growth

We are inviting your business or organizations to participate in a new sponsorship opportunity where you can sponsor naming rights to one or more of our school locations. By becoming a naming rights sponsor, you are making your brand visible to all of our students, parents, and community members on a daily basis.

In addition to gaining brand awareness for your products and/or services, you are investing in the Miami-Dade area schools and allowing the us to provide more services and better services to our students. In this way, we enter into a relationship that truly benefits your organization, our schools, and ultimately, our community!


  • Build a Legacy
  • Add to Your Brand
  • Media Publicity
  • Bring Credibility to Your Brand
  • Collaborate on Future Projects
  • Develop a Strategic Partnership

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