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The MLMPI Prep Academy School System is a Private Credit Recovery System of Schools. We service grades 6-12th grade and the students will accelerate and complete their credit requirements digitally, choose from different weekly schedule options, 1-2 full school days per week with MLMP trained Mentors and have access to the many resources MLMP provides including professional job/interview coaching, health / wellness coaching, after school programs, summer camps, and more.

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We Are Providing an Environment for Our Students to Grow & Excel

MLMPI Prep Academy School System is committed to a comprehensive program design that is multifaceted to meet the needs of each child. We currently use a series of academic placement testing to determine the students appropriate grade level and then use the Apex Learning System for their daily academics. Our plan is to develop our own accredited online academic program to use within each school.
Our Vision


We value relationships that are based on attentive communication. We expect all members of the community to practice open, honest communication and to do so in a mannerly and supportive way.
We value relationships that are based on showing others respect and dignity. We want all students, teachers and parents to be aware of and considerate of each other’s differences. Through words, actions and expectations, the community acknowledges and accepts all members.
We value a community that is collaborative and responsive to the needs of its members and of the larger world. The collective group of students, teachers and parents  respond/react to individuals and groups with a shared interest in determining the best course of action to meet academic, social, emotional, and/or physical needs.
A Word

From Our Superintendent

We believe that the future of education exceeds far beyond the standardized testing model. At MLMPIPA, our goal is to create good humans by teaching them about emotional and belief intelligence while also providing them with the skill set to excel, connect them with mentors and help them find their vision and purpose for life.

– Daniel Puder