Vocational Rehab

GRAD Program

The 13th Year

Credit Recovery

Military Recruitment

Vocational Rehab

GRAD Program

The 13th Year

Credit Recovery

Military Recruitment

Vocational Rehabilitation

Pre-Employment Transition Services

Our VR Employment Service Provider Number is VR5412. Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) is a federal-state program that helps individuals with disabilities prepare for, find, or keep a job. VR’s Pre-Employment Transition Services help students with disabilities prepare for a career, continue their education, or find a job after high school. Services that we provide:

Self-Advocacy 1 & 2

The Self Advocacy program includes instruction in self-determination skills and infuses mindfulness practices. Students will receive practical hands-on training in making effective choices, setting appropriate goals, active listening, and conflict resolution.  Training in self-advocacy is necessary to remove or minimize the barriers our youth are confronted with when obtaining employment. Self-advocacy training provides the foundation skills for students to learn how to express their social, emotional and learning needs in a productive way that will elicit positive outcomes.  Self-advocacy training   incorporates community resources and programs that match student interests and needs

Work Readiness Training: 20 hours

Work Readiness Training focuses on employability skills to develop resumes, interviewing techniques, applying for jobs, and social/interpersonal skills for employment.  Students will receive employment instruction and planning.  They will be able to articulate the areas of their resume and their job interests and aptitude for a specific career.

On-the-Job Training (OJT) Services

OJT services are community-based work experiences offering the students a place to practice social skills, gain an understanding of work, learn about different work environments, and identify natural supports. OJT services are customized according to students portfolios and based on the student’s outcomes on vocational evaluations.

Employment Services

Students have the option to get employment services to help them seek competitive paid employment in their interest and aptitude area.  Students will have this option once they approach graduation and transition into post-secondary planning.

Who can participate?

Students with disabilities who are under the age of 21 and are currently enrolled in school.

How does a student access these services?

Contact the VR office

Request a referral from their school

GRAD Program

what is the grad program?

The MLMPI Prep Academy GRAD Program is designed to support students or adults to complete their High School Equivalency Diploma.





Key Features of our GRAD program

Previous Transcript Evaluation

5 Subject Area Online Tests

Study and Practice Materials Provided

Personal/Virtual Tutoring Support

English and Spanish

The 13th Year

What does it mean to be a “13th Year” student?

Normally a high school diploma signifies that a student has met all of the full requirements for graduating from high school. When the student fails to meet all of the requirements to graduate from high school, they either drop out or receive a certificate of completion.  A certificate of completion signifies that a student has completed high school but did not meet some of the requirements for graduation normally in the form of failing their high school exit examinations.  The 13th year offers students the opportunity to complete their high school experience by taking courses that substitute their High School exit examinations and graduate based on their merits.

State Mandated graduation – meeting requirements

In Florida, there are no statutory requirements for student assessment. The owners of private elementary and secondary schools in Florida are solely responsible for all aspects of their educational programs, including student assessment. S. 1002.42(2)(h), F.S.

To ensure that all students are able to graduate with a high school diploma, MLMP strives to maintain the highest standards in education through the attainment of an elite accreditation.  An Accreditation is meant to protect students, schools, and employers and ensure academic quality. It ensures that a school is teaching its students at a State and nationally acceptable level and provides programs that are found to have value and substance.

Credit Recovery

An Online credit recovery program

The MLMPI Prep Academy School System provides students with a unique online credit recovery program that allows students to earn credit for high school courses that the student has either failed to take at the appropriate time or failed to complete with a passing score. Our credit recovery courses feature pretests that provide students with an opportunity to test out of units in which they may have a working mastery of the concepts taught in each unit. At the MLMPI Prep Academy School System students get awarded for the efforts they put forth.

Military Recruitment

Veteran friendly employer

If you are a veteran and currently looking for a job in the educational sector, then you have come to the right place!

Your military experience makes you a STRONG candidate for a job at MLMPIPA!  As a veteran, you know what it takes to get the job done and what means to embrace an organization’s mission! That is why we know that with your experience in the military, that you already possess the qualities and work ethics that we are looking for when it comes to being a leader and educator at our schools.

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