Scholarship & Tuition Options
At MLMPIPA, our priority is to be able to provide the highest level of education to all students in a way that does not place a financial strain on your family. If you are interested in sending your child(ren) to one of our schools, please be sure to inquire about the different scholarships, financial aid opportunities and tuition options that we have available! MLMIPA is a recipient of multiple scholarship programs in the State of Florida that are available to parents upon request.
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Let Us Support You & Your Child

MLMPI Preparatory Academy will evaluate all financial aid applications internally. The Financial Aid Committee determines awards based on the financial needs of the parents and special needs of the student.

Who is eligible?

Priority will be given to current MLMPI Preparatory Academy families applying for financial aid.

New families should complete their admission and financial aid applications simultaneously.

What is the fee schedule?

Technology: $2,000.00

Curriculum: $3,300.00

Registration: $350.00

Tuition Fee: $16,000.00

Testing Fee: $350.00

Who is responsible?
The primary parent must complete a financial aid application. It is the primary parent’s responsibility to complete any and all required documentation for their child(ren) to be considered for receiving financial aid.

Note, acceptance into MLMPI Preparatory Academy does not guarantee financial aid.

Is there a deadline?
A delay in completing the application or in providing the required information will affect a family’s financial aid award.
What are the requirements?

For financial aid consideration:

– Returning students must be re-enrolled.

– New students must be accepted and enrolled.

Most recent U.S. tax returns must be provided for financial aid consideration.

– Last years Tax Returns: Must be submitted with application.

Where can I get more information?
For additional information regarding our financial aid process, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 305-925-2441.

Or, CONTACT US so that we can provide you with more information.