The My Life My Power Program has had success in helping to redirect the lives of youth who are going through the court system by providing them with our life-skills program as well as a mentor who works alongside them to keep them on track and out of trouble! Our evidence based curriculum is being used around the country as a diversion program for youth and the results from our efforts have shown a lowered recidivism rate for these youth as well as a decrease in their desire to participate in illegal activity, become truant, dropout of school, engage in prolonged high-risk behavior. In order to make this platform a success, we provide adult mentor training to judges as well as providing our program for continued support to youth. The platform that we have has been designed to meet the needs of both youth and adults to help guide them through their challenges. Then, once these individuals have graduated from our program through successful completion, they have the ability to become a peer mentor to another youth or adult who is going through the program!


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