International Red Ribbon Movement

August 21, 2015

The International Red Ribbon Movement™ (IRRM) is excited to announce a complete re-branding of the “Red Ribbon Drug Awareness Campaign”, as this year, 2015, marks the 30th year of the nation’s oldest and largest drug prevention campaign. The IRRM’s platform stems from an evidence-based approach to solving drugs, alcohol, bullying, and other challenges within communities, by increasing self-esteem, purpose in life, decreasing aggression and victimization.

Henry C. Lozano, Co-Founder of Red Ribbon Week, former Deputy Assistant to President George W.Bush and Director of USA Freedom Corps., Presidential Appointee of President William J. Clinton, serving as a Commissioner on the President’s Advisory Commission on Drug-Free Communities and is now the Co-Founder of The International Red Ribbon Movement™. This is a platform developed by therapists, educators, law enforcement, psychologists, counselors, parents and youth to inspire, add value, and change the mindset of our youth, educators, law enforcement, and communities around the world.

“After thirty years of alcohol, tobacco and other drug prevention efforts across this great nation, we find ourselves deeply divided about our future direction.  Too many of us have almost lost the capacity to listen thoughtfully, speak respectfully and relate constructively.  We must continue to inspire and empower our youth and communities by peer mentoring our next generation; as we continue to serve together. We have come too far to turn back now!” – Henry C. Lozano

The International Red Ribbon Movement™ is a program that is part of My Life My Power® World Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit. MLMP’s programs continue to impact our future generations as we strive to motivate and inspire youth on how to handle the many challenges they find themselves faced with. By focusing on establishing and maintaining a strong mentoring relationship with your students, you will find that you can open the line of communication while developing trust and a connection, without having to focus on the topic of drugs. Our proven approach takes place over the course of a five-day school week in which teachers are provided with age-appropriate materials, handouts, and activities to do with their students.


What is included in The International Red Ribbon Movement’s™ five-day curriculum:

  • A Teacher Training guide with worksheets and classroom videos

  • Our Evidence Based Curriculum for IRRM

    • Day #1: See Your Vision

    • Day #2: Understand Your Purpose

    • Day #3: Establish Your Mission

    • Day #4: Build your Team

    • Day #5: Commit to your Life

“I was introduced to MLMP’s program in 2013 when the Founder, Daniel Puder, was speaking to a group of us in Juvenile Hall. When I was released a month later, I reached out to them to complete their program online, and that is when I was matched with a mentor and my life began to change! Instead of being told that I was a bad kid and had made big mistakes in my past, I was encouraged to look forward and work toward my goals where I just scored a 60 out of 60 from the art judges in my 1st art competition! Because of this program, I have been empowered with the tools needed to create a game plan for my life.” – Yustin Kambona, My Life My Power Texas State Ambassador

IRRM is a five-day experience for teachers or parents to use with their youth. With the IRRM approach, we will help you empower your students and/or child(ren) to be more intrinsically driven, focused in life, equipped to work through life’s challenges, and committed to staying drug free!

“The challenges facing our youth are all interwoven and we need to get to the root cause, and solve it, I challenge you to use the IRRM approach with your youth ” – Daniel Puder

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