MLMP Founder, Daniel Pruder, is Coming Back to Wrestling!

May 18, 2015

After 10+ years of wrestling (amateur and professional), it was in 2010 that Puder decided to put his wrestling career on hold so that he could stand up against something different than his opponent! He set out to take a stand for children and teenagers around the world that are being bullied or facing other types of challenges. In turn, a movement was started, the My Life My Power movement, which is a 501(c)3 non-profit! And, over the past 5 years, thousands of children and teenagers lives have been positively impacted as they continue to thrive from the life skills that Puder’s Evidence Based Curriculum has provided them!

Earlier this year, Puder re-launched his website,, in order to prepare for his return to pro-wrestling! And now, that day has come and we are excited to announce that Daniel Puder is stepping back into the ring, but this time, it is for all of the youth that he has helped and continues to help!

In order to make the biggest impact, Puder developed My Life My Power Entertainment as a branch within his non-profit, which serves as the fundraising platform for the charity.

Puder’s hope for his return to wrestling is that through the sports entertainment industry, he is able to make the greatest impact for youth while at the same time, helping our future athletes build positive brands for themselves and inspire our future generations to do the same!

Keep a lookout for Puder to make big moves in the pro-wrestling circuit as he will be performing 4 times throughout 2015 and looks to continuing into the following years!

If you are interested in attending or wrestling at one of Puder’s upcoming live pro-wrestling events, please

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