MLMP’s Heavyweight World Tag Team Champions

June 21, 2015

The My Life My Power Entertainment Tag Team Challenge is excited to announce that at the first open tag challenge Daniel Puder and Major Mark won the match via submission! On Sunday June 21st, 2015, Puder and Major Mark faced their Tag Team challenge opponents, Jessy Sorensen and Alex Chamberlain!

During the 15 minute match, Major Mark pumped up the audience with the commonly known Oorah Marine “battle cry”. With their charisma and humble demeanor, Puder and Major quickly became the fan favorites. The match went back and forth; however, Sorensen and Chamberlain were able to subdue Major in their corner, not allowing Puder to get tagged into the ring. Once Major was able to tag Puder, the crowd erupted as after years away from the ring, Puder made his return wrestling like a champion. The match continued to go back and forth as Puder jumped into the air with a flying elbow and knocked out Sorensen. At just that moment, Puder was attacked by Chamberlain, causing Puder to apply a keylock submission hold. It was then that Major jumped in and put a submission on Sorensen, ending the match with Sorensen and Chamberlain both tapping out, making Puder and Major the Heavyweight World Tag Team Champions.
Stay tuned for the next match to find out who Puder and Major go up against next!
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