My Life My Power Youth Study “White Paper”

October 1, 2016

My Life My Power, (MLMP) recognizes that high-quality mentoring is a successfully proven method for keeping at-risk, high-risk and underserved youth from engaging in delinquent behavior which may otherwise lead them on a self-destructive path that not only harms themselves, but their families, peers, and communities.

MLMP program targets at-risk youth from the ages of eleven through seventeen. MLMP provides adult mentors to this target population in both a one-on-one and group mentoring format in order to fit the needs of both the mentor and mentee through an evidence based approach that is proven effective in creating long term and lasting change for all parties in both an in-school and after-school setting.

Last year, MLMP Mentoring Program launched a new pilot study in Florida and New York to provide additional evidence for the programmatic effectiveness. Each youth who participated was paired with a group mentor. The mentor for each school and their mentees worked together within the MLMP system to (a) set expectations for what they hoped to achieve, (b) set life goals, (c) positively work through challenges, (d) develop purpose in life, and (e) increase levels of empathy and self-esteem.






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